You are invited to participate in the free webinar series “AML/CFT in companies: obligations and practical aspects of application”.

Webinars will be held remotely (ZOOM) on 21.01.2021, 04.02.2021 and 18.02.2021 from 11.00 – 12.00.

Why are we holding the webinar series “AML/CFT in companies: responsibilities and practical aspects of application”?

  • We strengthen the knowledge of new AML/CFT standards and regulations
  • We inspire to search for new solutions
  • We create a platform for exchange of experience

Who are we targeting with the webinars?

  • members of capital companies’ bodies
  • auditors, accountants,
  • persons responsible for implementation of AML and CFT procedures in obliged institutions,
  • compliance officers, finance directors,
  • real estate agents,
  • banks and financial institutions, payment institutions, lending institutions, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, entities providing services of exchange between virtual currencies and means of payment and their intermediation, entities conducting exchange activities, foundations and associations


WEBINAR 1 / 21.01.2021

AML/CFT in companies: identifying the beneficial owner and reporting information to the CRBR –

Companies must be able to correctly identify the beneficial owner and properly post the information to the Registry to avoid liability for failing to provide the information or providing false information.

The webinar will focus on demonstrating how to identify a beneficial owner, how to publish beneficiary information in the Registry, and errors that can occur when identifying or publishing information.

Registration deadline: 18.01.2021

WEBINAR 2 / 04.02.2021

AML/CFT in Businesses: Implications of the activities of mandatory institutions for their clients and potential consequences in practical terms –

The aim of the webinar will be to present the practical dimension of the activities of obliged institutions and to provide information on the potential consequences of performing statutory obligations by obliged institutions for their clients. In particular, the activities performed by obligated institutions, the scope of information processed by them and the possible consequences of collecting the information required by the Act will be discussed.

Registration deadline: 01.02.2021

WEBINAR 3 / 18.02.2021

AML/CFT in companies : Obligated institutions under the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act –

The webinar will focus on presenting the catalog of obliged institutions and discussing their basic obligations, taking into account practical aspects of their functioning.

Registration deadline: 15.02.2021


Those wishing to participate in the webinar are asked to submit a request to Only those registered will receive a link to the webinar.

The webinar series is organized by Polish-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and BSO Law & Taxes Law Office.

We believe that the presented topics will meet with great interest and will be an opportunity to exchange experiences among professionals.

See you during the webinars!