Invitation: The Pooled Fund for the Refugee Response in Poland (POP Fund) is launched

Its aim is to support organizations that provide help to refugees from Ukraine and host communities in Poland. In the recent months, some of them have seen a drop in funding up to 90%. This means that as many as 300 thousand people in need may be left without assistance.

Current situation of refugees in Poland: challenges and new priorities

In the recent months, Polish NGO working with and for Ukrainian refugees who are suffering from a major funding crunch (up to 90%). At the same time, the scale of the needs of refugees from Ukraine has not decreased, but their character has changed. The most vulnerable groups are the elderly, persons with disabilities and mothers with small children.

A new solution in Poland, but safe and proven in the world

Over the past few months, organizations working for refugees, including UN agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations, have been engaged in intensive discussions in search of a solution to this difficult situation. The PCPM Foundation, drawing on its own experience, proposed the creation of the pooled fund for Polish non-governmental organizations.

The Pooled Fund for the Refugee Response in Poland  (POP Fund) is a modality where contributions of several donors are used to finance programs submitted through open calls for proposals.

The role of the PCPM Foundation in the POP Fund

The daily management of the POP Fund is handled by a qualified team of employees of the PCPM Foundation. However, key decisions regarding the allocation of funds and project priorities are made by the Steering Committee. It consists of representatives of non-governmental organizations, the main donors of the Fund, representatives of the Polish government, local authorities and UN agencies (as an observer).

The PCPM Foundation plans to announce two calls for proposals annually, with the first pilot call for proposals scheduled for late fall this year.

Why is it worth getting involved in the PCPM initiative? 

POP Fund is a breakthrough approach that opens the possibility of financing projects throughout Poland. Financial contributions from companies and entrepreneurs can significantly concur to provide support where it is the most needed. PCPM is happy to announce that the first companies: Meta and Google, have already joined the project.

We cordially encourage you to establish cooperation with the PCPM Foundation, one of the largest Polish non-governmental organizations dealing with development, humanitarian and medical aid.

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