Luxembourg logistics hub

In the beginning of February this year. CLIP Group, a member of Polish-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, announced the launch of an innovative rail connection between Poznan (CLIP) and Luxembourg (CFL). In the company’s announcement posted on its website (also on Logistics Cluster website) one can read that the innovation of the solution lies in the fact that standard semi-trailers, used in regular car transport, can be loaded on the train, which allows for real implementation of the slogan “trucks to the tracks”.

But why is the train going to Luxembourg? Probably because Luxembourg lies at the heart of Europe, bordering three of the European Union’s most industrialized economies, and over the past decade the country has steadily improved its position as Europe’s intercontinental and multimodal logistics hub for value-added logistics activities (i.e., 3PLs and 4PLs).

In addition, Luxembourg has also implemented a multi-product specialization strategy in its logistics sector, focusing on specific types of products requiring specific handling and/or storage solutions.

You can read about Luxembourg’s logistics base in an article by BSO Law & Tax, a member of the Chamber, which appeared in Top Logistik in 2017.