Luxembourg National Day

On June 23, we celebrated the National Day of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg known as the Grand Duke’s Official Birthday.

The traditional celebration of the National Day begins in the capital city of Luxembourg on the eve with a special changing of the guard ceremony in front of the Grand Ducal Palace.

The biggest attraction of this day, however, are the evening processions with torches, i.e. Fakelzuch, and fireworks shows organized both in the capital and throughout the country.

The National Day program begins on June 23 at 10:00 with an official ceremony at the Luxembourg Philharmonic.

It is attended by the Grand Duke’s family, Members of Parliament, civil servants and the general public. The speech of the Grand Duke, the Prime Minister and the President of the Chamber of Deputies to the whole country takes place in the philharmonic hall.

During the event, decorations are awarded to distinguished Luxembourgers.

The official program ends with the traditional Te Deum in the late afternoon at Notre-Dame de Luxembourg, in the presence of Members of the Grand Duke’s family.

To all citizens of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day, we wish health and prosperity!