Results of Business Climate Survey 2024!

A recent survey, conducted by AHK Polska in collaboration with various chambers of commerce including the Polish-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce reveals an optimistic perspective prevailing despite economic hurdles.

Entrepreneurs look to the future with greater enthusiasm than in the last several months. Both the development prospects of their own enterprises and the general condition of the economy now seem more promising.

Government decisions regarding the conditions for running a business are becoming more and more popular. Poland has gained a position among the three most desirable investment destinations in the surveyed countries. Membership in the European Union is still considered a key factor supporting foreign investment in Poland.

Entrepreneurs clearly improved their assessment of the state of the economy compared to the previous year. Over 87% of survey participants considered the current state of the economy to be good or satisfactory, which means an increase of over 20 percentage points compared to the results from the previous year. At the same time, significantly fewer entrepreneurs assess the current economic situation negatively: in 2024, only 12.8% of survey participants considered it bad, while in 2023 it was as many as 33.6%.

Respondents also identified areas that require further improvement. According to entrepreneurs, the main challenges include rapid implementation of the energy transformation process, reform of the tax system and improving the availability of qualified employees.

Factors such as the quality of vocational education, the functioning of public administration and the transparency of public procurement procedures were also mentioned among the key challenges faced by companies. Additionally, predictability of economic policy, tax burdens and labor costs received low marks. It is worth noting, however, that this year there was a slight decrease in the number of negative opinions in these areas compared to the previous year.

The results of the economic survey can be found HERE